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Community Living Supports
The objective of Community Living Supports is to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live in a home of their choice. Community Living Supports are home living supports provided in a wide range of settings to assist individuals to live as independently as they choose.

People should have the opportunity to create a home of their own that mirrors their lifestyle and identity. People live in homes they choose (lease, rent or own) with or without others as they choose, and in places where they are able to exert ordinary measures of personal control.

Community Outreach Program
The Adult Community Outreach Program is a community-based program where integration and interdependence within the community is the main focus.  Individuals participate in paid work, volunteer work and a variety of community-based activities while maintaining involvement in hobbies they enjoy. 

Staffed Residences

A home in which an individual with a developmental disability lives with staffing provided overnight or as required. It typically involves individuals with developmental disabilities living together in a room mate environment with staff supports.

Support Home
A home that an individual with a developmental disability typically shares with a family who is providing full time support.

Supported Independent Living
Flexible supports are provided to an individual with a developmental disability who lives in his/her own house with no overnight paid support.

Respite Support
Supports that provide a break for primary caregivers, typically weekend coverage once per month.

Employment Supports
Employment supports exist to assist an individual to gain and maintain employment. The two service components are Employment Preparation and Employment Support.

1. Employment Preparation
Supports designed to assist individuals in developing skills for employment and exploring the world of work. Typically includes resume preparation, interview skills, job search and application process.

2. Employment Placement
Support designed to assist individuals with maintaining employment - either volunteer or paid.

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