Home Living Support

Home Living Support Services are provided in a wide range of environments to assist individuals to live as independently as possible.

Individuals receive the appropriate level of services they require, from a few hours a week up to 24 hours a day. Support may be provided in the individual’s home and in the community. Next Step Residential Services provides home living support in a variety of ways including group living, home proprietorships, respite services, and supported independent living services. Individuals are encouraged to make decisions and choices through their daily living and support staff will support them to achieve these in ways that honor their individuality.


Home Living Support is flexible and varies based on the individual's unique requirements and needs.


Ensures individuals have the opportunity to create a home of their own that mirrors their lifestyle and identity.

Safety and Comfort

Ensures individuals are able to exert measures of personal control and experience safety and comfort.


Supports the individual in developing opportunities, experiencing social interactions, and personal wellness.